Big Size Three Phase Squirrel Cage Asynchronous Induction AC Motor

Big Size Three Phase Squirrel Cage Asynchronous Induction AC Motor

Y2 YJS series IC411 TEFC Massive Dimensions A few Period Squirrel cage Asynchronous Induction AC Motor

Y series IC01 IP23 Huge Size 3 Period Squirrel cage Asynchronous Induction AC Motor

YKK sequence IC611 TEAAC Massive Dimension 3 Phase Squirrel cage Asynchronous Induction AC Motor

YKS series IC81W TEWAC Massive Size Three Phase Squirrel cage Asynchronous Induction AC Motor


one. CZPT introduction
Y Y2 YJS YKK YKS sequence 380 V ~ eleven Kv squirrel cage 3 phase asynchronous induction motor, is constructing on the superior technological innovation in the country.
The motors has a good deal of positive aspects such as top effectiveness, enerty-preserving, low sound and vibration ,mild bodyweight and reilable performance. THey are simple for set up andmaintenance. The motor has large insulation class and moistureproof capacity.
The motor is used to drive various mechanical equipments these kinds of as blowers, pumps, crushers, storkremoing equipment and other  equipments. It can provide as the prime movers in coalmines, mechanical industries, powerplants and various industrial enterprises.

two. Short CZPT
The motor adopts compacted box composition, welding-jointed steel plate forits frame, light-weight weight, rigid in construction, there is closed air to air coolers on the stator frame convenient for set up and servicing.
Stator winding adopts F class insulation and its end adopts agency binding. The complete stator adopts solvent-totally free varnish Vacuum stress impregnation(VPI) to ensure the stator has outstanding electrical property and humidity resistance.
Rotor is manufactured of cast aluminium or copper bar. Aluminium rotor is manufactured of pure aluminium, copper barwedging copper rotor improves the entorety of rotor.
The motor adopts rolling bering or sliding bering, according to the output power and rotary velocity. CZPT defense quality generally is IP44. If the motor’s defend grade increases, so does the berings’. Rolling bearing adopts iubricating gresse and its grease charger and discharger can be charged or discharged CZPT stopping the motor.
The junction box is of IP54 safety quality and it is normally mounted on the motor’s proper aspect(seen from shaft extension stop.) It is also can be mounted on the remaining aspect and its shops have four optional orientations(up, down, remaining or correct.) Divided grounding unit is CZPT in principal junction box, too.

three. Doing work conditions and performance
a) THe rated power source is 6KV/50HZ, 10KV/50HZ.
b) The insulation course is F, the safety degreeis IP44 or IP54.
c) Top over sea degree does not exceeding a thousand meters.
d) Top environmental temperature-15ºC.silding bering>5ºC.
e) The ambient air relative humidity does not exceed 95% and the imply regular monthly minimum temperature of recent month does not exceed 25ºC
f) The deviation amongst power voltage and rated voltage is considerably less than5%.
g) Rated frequency:50Hz+1%.
h) Obligation variety:continuous obligation kind S1.
i) Cooling approach is IC611.

Order prerequisite:
You should point out the motor variety, rated output, rated voltage, rated frequency, synchronous velocity, Explosion evidence Mark, mounting kind, protection quality, cooling method, rotation direction(view from the shaft extension side), making use of environment (indoor /exterior).

Comparison of various series Huge Dimensions Three Stage Large Voltage Induction AC motors

No. Squirrel-cage motor Y JS YKK YKS Y2 YJS
Slip ring motor YR JR JR2 YRKK YRKS YR2 YR3
one Composition Box-type construction, made up of metal plates welded with each other Compact struction
2 Cooling method IC01 or (IC11, IC21, IC31) IC611 or IC616 IC81W IC411
3 All-natural ventilation, with prime mounted protection go over With best mounted air-air cooler With best mounted air-h2o cooler  
4 Safety kind IP23 IP44 or IP54 IP44 or IP54 IP54
five Insulation F
6 Mounting arrangement IMB3
7 Voltage CZPT three kv, three.3 kv  6 kv, six.three Kv six.six kv      ten kv, 11 kv
8 Frequency CZPT fifty Hz , sixty Hz


Big Size Three Phase Squirrel Cage Asynchronous Induction AC Motor