High Insulation Epoxy Reinforced FRP Bolt and Nut for Anti-Corrosion

High Insulation Epoxy Reinforced FRP Bolt and Nut for Anti-Corrosion

Quick Specifics
Location of Origin: China (Mainland)                                    Brand Identify: XIHU (WEST LAKE) DIS.
Solution title: Large energy insulation FRP screw and nut                Application: Higher Voltage
Surface Remedy: Clean or procedure according to requirement          Technique: Pultrusion and machined
Dimensions: 2mm-100mm and CZPTizable                           Material: fiberglass, epoxy resin
Uncooked material:: polyester resin, epoxy resin, vinylest                      Model Variety: M3-M64 and CZPTizable
Variety: Hexagon head, Round head, Sq. or CZPTized                  CZPT: IEC61109
Bending energy: ≥960 Mpa                                         Bending energy at heating situations: ≥350
Torsion strength: ≥800 Mpa                                          Length: CZPTized Length
Certificate: CZPT                                                Color: gentle eco-friendly or CZPTized Colours
Density:: 1.two-2. g/cm3                                             Tensile Energy: 10.4Mpa
Temperature: 120ºC-180ºC                                          The insulation quality: H class
Rated Voltage: 25KV                                              Usage: Insulation Defense
Dimension: CZPTized Size                                              Certification: CZPT:2008,ROHS, SGS
Our FRP bolts created of E-glass fiber and epoxy resin, relies upon on various specifications, carbon fiber and vinyl ester resin also be CZPT.
one.Use distinctive fiberglass -oriented technique, it has outstanding higher toughness, substantial tough and higher corrosion-resist.
two.It’s surface area CZPT magnetism, no impurities be connected.
3.Light-weight excess weight, it is only one/4 of carbon steel.
4.It can functions nicely under the condition with different temperature.
5.The resin articles of outer area is greater (>95%), it has outstanding corrosion resist residence.
six.It truly is has excellent electrical insulation and warmth insulation.

FRP fasteners like FRP bolts, FRP studs, FRP nuts, FRP threaded rods, FRP bolts, and many others. are becoming employed for joining of Channels, Flats, and so forth. In chemical vegetation, fertilizer vegetation, off shore venture, cooling towers, FRP fasteners are becoming utilized in joints alternatively of metallic or PVC fasteners. They are utilised whereby metallic fasteners are prohibited. These goods are CZPT in various proportions as for each the demands and specifications of different customers in various industries. 
CZPT dimensions CZPT : 
Stud: M 6,eight,ten,12,sixteen,twenty,24,twenty five mm
Nut: M 6,eight,10,12,sixteen,twenty mm
Threaded Rod: M 6,eight,ten,twelve,16,20,25 mm
Also the over can be CZPT.
Epoxy laminated glass-fiber specification

 Heat Resistance B CZPT Q/DJ10-731-2000
Density ≥1.65g/cm3
Hydroscopicity < 0.60 MPA
Volume Resistively
Underneath typical ≥1.0×1010  Ω.cm
Following immersion 24h ≥1.0×108Ω.cm
Insulation Resistance
Underneath normal ≥1.0×1010Ω
Following immersion 24h ≥1.0×10sevenΩ
Proof Voltage at perpendicular to lamination
(transformer oil at 90±
degree  for 5 min)
Heat security (one hundred fifty diploma ,/24 H ) No crack or plump up

Fiberglass / FRP/ GRP bolts and nuts utilizing substantial-energy fiberglass impregnated epoxy resin matrix at high temperature pultrusion. After CNC method, grinding, special floor treatment method produced of insulated bolts and nuts.

Bolts and nuts have a special treatment by the area, so that the bolts and nuts have very good flexibility, exceptional put on resistance, excellent resistance to voltage functionality. Merchandise relevant to transformers, reactors, specific substantial-voltage converter valve, and other specific higher-voltage electrical appliances.

 Very lower temperature situation refrigeration equipments, liquid gas products
CZPTal insulation condition   Transformer, electrical panels, sign device and so forth
Corrosion resist problem Absorption tower, chemical pipe, drinking water treatment method gear, desulfurization tower and so forth
Non-magnetic problem Pc components, robotic components, fuel battery and many others
Mild excess weight condition Vehicle areas, aerospace components, ship components and many others


CZPT parameter:
No. CZPT specification Unit Specification price
one Density(at 20ºC±2ºC) g/cm3 ≥2.2
2 Water absorption fee (at 20ºC±2ºC,24h) % ≤0.05
three Tensile strength Mpa ≥1200
four Bending strength Mpa ≥960
five Dye penetrated test Min ≥15
six Drinking water diffusion take a look at
(one%NaCl,Boiling for 100h 12kv/1min)
mA ≤0.1
7 Shearing toughness along laminas Mpa ≥50
8 Quantity resistivity  (140ºC,96h) Ω.M ≥1571
9 DC withstand voltage (10mm) Kv ≥50
ten Lights surge withstand voltage (100kv,10mm) Instances ≥5
eleven Bending toughness at heating situations Mpa/150ºC ≥350
twelve Torsion strength Mpa ≥800

Our merchandise is made of fiberglass and epoxy resin combined ongoing pultrusion, which helps make the product resistance to mechanical pressure and mechanical tension are very excellent, the tensile toughness of 1500MPa, much far more than 45 metal casting tensile strength 570Mpa indicators. CZPTal functionality, voltage amount for the 10kV – 1000kV voltage selection. Corrosion resistance, higher bending toughness, not simple to bend, effortless to use and so on.
    Products let long-expression doing work temperature of a hundred and seventy-210 ºC , product optimum brief-circuit functioning temperature of 260 ºC (time is less than 5 seconds).
 Products select Germany release agent, so as to ensure that the surface area of the item is very smooth CZPT colour distinction, no glitches, no scratches.
    The heat-resistant grade and the insulation grade of the solution all attain H grade.
In addition to the previously mentioned merchandise, we also offer the pursuing goods.

  1. Epoxy glass fabric laminated sheets

Solution Description
 EPGC201,EPGC202 board are from electrical alkali-free glass cloth with epoxy resin Baptist,shaped by sizzling pressing,Goods with high mechanical houses and electrical functionality.
 EPGC201 epoxy glass fabric laminate applied to B-class motors.electrical tools for insulation of structural areas.
 EPGC202 epoxy glass cloth laminated sheets have flame-retardant demands relevant to the B-class motors.electrical gear for insulation of structural elements as other Functions.
Solution Description
  EPGC203,EPGC204 plates are from 7628 glass fabric with epoxy resin Baptist,fashioned by very hot pressing.Goods with substantial mechanical qualities.
  EPGC203 epoxy glass cloth laminate utilized to F-class motors,electrical equipment for insulation of structural areas.
  EPGC204 epoxy glass fabric laminated sheets have flame-retardant requirements applicable to the F-class motors,electrical products for insulation of structural elements.
CZPT parameters

No Merchandise Units Indicators
one Density g/sqcm one.7-one.9 one.7-one.nine 1.8-2. one.eight-two.
2 Vertical layer to the bending toughness Vertical Mpa 340 340 340 340
Horizontal 250 250 one hundred seventy 170
3 Influence power (merely supported beam strategy,notched specimen) KJ/sqm 37 37 34 34
four Vertical Flammability Grade FV- FV-
five Adhesive power N 6500 6500
6 Insulation Resistance Standard Ω        
Water soon after 24h        
seven Parallel to the layer high voltage((90ºC+2ºC oil)) KV 35 35 five five
eight Vertical levels to the electrical strength(90ºC+2ºC oil) .5-1mm MV/m twenty twenty 20
one.1-2mm eighteen 18 18 18
2.one-3mm 16 sixteen 16 sixteen


  1. Glass fiber winding tube

The collection of products with higher mechanical and dielectric qualities, good warmth resistance and resistance Tide, and soon after soaking the steadiness of dielectric properties, and has excellent mechanical method-capability, Applicable In motors, electrical gear for insulation of structural areas, and in the humid environment and adjust Voltage used in the oil. Insulation Level for B-quality heat-resistant(130ºC).
CZPT parameters

No. Merchandise Models Indicators
one Density g/SQCM one.seven-one.9
two Flexural strength Normal Mpa 340
280±2ºC 150
three Martin Warmth(vertical) ºC one hundred thirty
4 Impact toughness Layer parallel to the notched specimen KJ/sqm 33
Vertical layers to the notched specimen a hundred and fifty
five Vertical layers to the electrical strength (90ºC+2ºC oil) MV/m 18
6 Insulation Resistance Standard Ω  
Water after 24h  
7 Paralle to the layer high voltage (90ºC+2ºC oil) KV thirty
8 Frequency dielectric consistent five.five
nine Frequency dielectric decline element .04
10 Absorbent % .05


  1. Composite insulating bolt

Using glass fiber impregnated in epoxy resin matrix pultrusion and following high temperature,Employing the entire NC vacuum launch pultrusion technologies generation line,the line arrived at the major domestic degree,with on the internet speed tracker,temperature control system,increases the insulating rod uniformity and warmth resistance than steel.glass and unsaturated resin rod creation products has better balance,manage,Goods applicable to the electrolytic tank in electrolytic aluminum plant brief crossing as insulating bolt.
CZPT parameters

No. Merchandise Models Indicators
1 Density g/sqcm two.one
2 Tensile toughness Mpa 1200
three Siphon test Min 15
4 Drinking water diffusion check MA .five
5 Anxiety corrosion resistance h ninety six
six Bending toughness Mpa 230
seven Quantity resistivity Ω.m 10
8 Fiber articles % 80
9 Energy frequency voltage KV fifty
ten Total wave impulse voltage KV a hundred
eleven H2o absorption charge % .05
twelve Flame retardant V0


  1. Polymer Composite insulated rod

Glass fiber yam in the higher-temperature epoxy matrix impregnated pultrusion formed at higher temperature,This product has:substantial pressure,corrosion,deformation is not hierarchical,lengthy existence and stable mechanical homes,outstanding insulation qualities and so on.Goods especially tensile energy,exceptional tensile energy to 1360Mpa or more,The solution is the ideal widespread different to epoxy board.
Polymer composite insulation rod
  Using glass fiber impregnated in epoxy resin matrix pultrusion and after high temperature,The product has:mild excess weight,machinery steady performance,excellent insulation overall performance,can override the 10KV-1000KV voltage selection,Tensile properties of items is highlighted particularly,the tensile energy is 1360Mpa or earlier mentioned,substantially a lot more than 45casting metal tensile strength 570Mpa index.Composite insulator composite dielectric properties offers dependable foundation,The firm production of the mandrel are:CZPT mandrel,large temperature,acid,higher temperature resistant mandrel mandrel acid-resistant main bar of 4 major series of goods.
CZPT parameters

No. Merchandise Units Typical type Acid resistant
one Density(20ºC±2ºC) g/sqcm 2.one two.1
two Water absorption price(23ºC±1ºC,24h) % .05 .05
3 Tensile strength Mpa 1200 1200
four Siphon test Min fifteen fifteen
five Drinking water diffusion check MA .5  
six Quantity resistivity(140ºC.96h) Ω.m    
7 Tension corrosion resistance h 96
eight DC breakdown voltage KV fifty 50
nine Lightning impulse voltage(100KV) Times 5 five
10 Scorching bending failure load take a look at(143ºC+1ºC) % 230 230
11 Flame retardant V0 V0


  1. Extremely substantial voltage insulation pull rod

  Products of glass fiber impregnated in the PMR polyimide resin matrix with large temperature resistance,drawing and.Thermosetting polyimide resin has outstanding heat resistance,mechanical houses.dimensional balance,higher temperature resistant resin is consultant of the.Solution temperature ranges can get to previously mentioned C.Items utilized to the large temperature metallurgical gear,special high-voltage electrical products,aerospace and army use unique products
Instruction:Dipped and stove to prep reg by digital grade glass fiber cloth,epoxy,pyruvate,dicyandiamide.DMF and a small volume of chemical materials.
1.Glossy and clean services.uniform thickness and CZPT other impurities,
2.The specification and shades can be created according to customers’ necessity.
three.Time of g elation and % of gel can managed in accordance to customers’ need,
Thickness,7628/190g~20g  1506/150g~160g 2116/110g~130g
Coloration:pale eco-friendly,pale yellow,anti-static and black.
Use,Utilized to PCB CCL and various of isolation plates.
The organization has processing centre and innovative equipment.in accordance to customer’s photos,drawings of samples of the design and style,manufacturing,processing services,for consumers to find the greatest solution for the application of ,Products are mainly utilized in large motor,switch cupboards,electrical control cupboard, inverters,transformers and other fields.
Two benzene ether laminate,Have superb mechanical properties,electrical qualities and chemical corrosion resistance and radiation resistance,Applicable to H machinery,elements for electrical insulation in the final results.
Melamine board.With large mechanical qualities,electrical qualities,and exceptional flame retardancy and arc resistance,Ideal for electrical gear for arc resistant insulation structural components
Phenolic cotton fabric laminated rod:Has a certain mechanical,electrical properties,but in the use of transformer oil.utilised in electrical appliance insulation structural components.
Laminate common thickness:.3mm-80mm
Laminate standard common diameter:6mm-200mm
Remarks:CZPTer’s specific need on requirements could be negotiated by customer and vendor situation by situation
Glass Cloth Laminates Kind:3240 collection 3240,3240-1,3240-3,EPGC series EPGC 201,EPGC202,EPGC203,EPGC204,EPGC205,EPGC306,EPGC307,EPGC308FR-four,FR-five,G-eleven,etc
Qualities&Purposes:With higher mechanical energy,electrical homes and ,good moisture resistance homes,broadly assortment of apps,for case in point:suitable  for using as insulation structural elements in electrical products,these kinds of as electrical turbines,motors,and so forth.
Phenolic Cotton Cloth Laminates Type:3571,3026,3571,3571PFCC sequence PFCC201,PFCC202,PFCC203,FPCC204C850 series C850.one,C850.2(CE),C850.3,C850.four(LE),and many others
Characteristic&Programs:Extensively variety of apps in mechanical and electrical subject,for illustration:appropriate for utilizing as insulation structural areas of machinery and electric equipment.this sort of as electric turbines,motors,switch board,e
Phenolic Paper Laminates Sort:3571,3571 series 3571,302B,3571C,3571DPFCP sequence of PFCP201,PFCP202,PFCP203,PFCP206,PFCP207,PFCP308,and so forth.
Characteristics&Purposes:Commonly selection of programs,for examples,suited for making use of as insulation structural parts of machinery and electrical equipment,this kind of as electrical generators,motors,switch board,etc.
Molded Rod Type:phenolic cotton cloth rod 3721,3722,3723,3724,3725epoxy glass cloth 3840,3841,and many others.
Traits&Apps:Utilised in mechanical and electrical.
one. Exactly where are you found? 
We are positioned in ZheJiang town, China, around to ZheJiang .
2. Do you accept modest / sample order? And direct time? 
Sample are CZPT, lead time according factory production program, uauslly seven-25 times.
3. How do you ship the goods? 
We ship the goods by Sea, or by convey, certain dialogue.
four. Do you take OEM or ODM order? 
Sure, OEM and ODM get are welcome.
5. What payment do you accept? 
L/C at sight, T/T, Western Union, etc.
Packaging & Delivery
Packaging Details
suited packing for export. PP bag, Carton box, Pallet/ Or in accordance buyer necessity. 
one.Inside of packing: a plastic bag or woven belt 
2.Exterior packing: carton box and pallet. 
three.In accordance consumer necessity.
Shipping and delivery Time: three~7days
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High Insulation Epoxy Reinforced FRP Bolt and Nut for Anti-Corrosion