High Output Disc Organic Fertilizer Granulator

High Output Disc Organic Fertilizer Granulator

Substantial output disc natural fertilizer granulator

Introduction of disc organic fertilizer granulator

         Disc granulator is widely utilized in the processing of spherical particles of organic organic fertilizer, this kind of as pulverized coal, cement, clinker, chemical fertilizer and other components.

        The reducer and motor are pushed by versatile belts, which ensures sleek starting up, reduces impact and cushions, and enhances running life. The bottom of the granulating disk is strengthened with several radiant steel plates, which is resilient and no deformed. Thicker, heavier, and strong base style, no anchor bolts required with easy procedure. Disc granulator is a variety of granulator. The disc granulator is lined with high-toughness glass fiber reinforced plastic. It has the advantages of uniform granulation, large granulation price, stable procedure, rugged gear and long provider daily life. It is a quite best granulation equipment for the fertilizer.

Disc Pan Granulation Process:
      By way of rotating motion pan, the dis granulator achieve granulating the powered resources together with the water and binder. To be particular, a variety of dry powder resources enter from the prime of granulator, pre-compressed and transferred into the pelleting disc, right after uniform adhesion, consistent rotating and spraying system, forming into ball shape pellets. In purchase to prevent resources from adhering on the wall, we also layout the automatic removing combination unit in the upside of granulating disc, thus prolonging the support life of the granulating device.

CZPT Parameter of Disc Pan Granulator

Design Diameter(mm) Side height(mm) Quantity(m³) Rotation pace (r/min) Motor energy(kw) Capability(t/h)
ZL08 800mm 200 .25 25 1.five .1-.2
ZL10 1000mm 220 .4 21 two.two .three-.five
ZL15 1500mm 300 one.one seventeen five.five .five-.eight
ZL25 2500mm five hundred two.five thirteen.6 7.five 1.-one.five
ZL28 2800mm 550 three.seven thirteen.6 eleven 1.-two.five
ZL30 3000mm 550 4.two 11 11 2.-3.
ZL32 3200mm 600 4.8 10 11 2.-three.5
ZL36 3600mm 600 6.one ten fifteen 3.-five.

Rewards and Programs of Pan Granulator

1. The disc organic fertilizer granulator is a single of the frequent equipment in the fertilizer business.
2. It is used to the medium or low focus, little-scale manufacturing. The disc is set and adjusted between forty – 55 diploma.
three. The fertilizer granulator is drived by motor reducer equipment to sign up for mixed great resources fertilizer.
four. Simply because of rise in the force of gravity scroll down, in the previously mentioned a number of beneath the action of forces plate substance, steadily fashioned the nuclear straight to finished merchandise measurement, round plate by the spill.
5. The disc natural fertilizer granulator is of higher granulating rate of being ball particles, higher toughness, spherical particles, anti-corrosive, simply operated, hassle-free maintenance.

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High Output Disc Organic Fertilizer Granulator