Plate Shearing Front Feeder Plate Shear Line

Plate Shearing Front Feeder Plate Shear Line

HBSL -2500PL  HBSL -3000PL
HBSL -4000PL  HBSL -6000PL
2.Dimension of tools:

3200mm×1650mm×800mm   4500mm×11350mm×700mm
3900mm×2000mm×1300mm   3300mm×1800mm×900mm
3.Places of software
Cutting strip, aluminum plate, stainless steel plate, etc

four.Solution Introduction
The automation manufacturing line is created and produced in accordance to the function required and the on-site doing work atmosphere.Through the manage of the robotic movement controller, it can comprehend the method of automated generation this sort of as automated layering, automated material taking, computerized content feeding, computerized chopping and automatic conveying and can complete the Whole approach automated production,It can effectively guarantee product quality, improve production efficiency and lessen manufacturing expense.The whole program has a great running interface, simple to use.


Plate Components   (Stainless metal)
 Carbon Metal
 aluminium plate
Optimum feeding plate thickness mm six
Highest workpiece bodyweight Kg three hundred
Highest feeding plate size mm 4000×1500
Minimum feeding plate size mm 2500×1250

6.Functional description
Step1: The forklift will move the raw components to the mobile platform, electric powered feeding to the greedy manipulator station.

Step 2: The computerized feeder makes use of the vacuum suction cup to get the substance, pneumatic lift and servo feed to the nc plate shearing feeder station to feed the content to the feeding desk.

Step 3: The CNC shearing plate feeder will instantly align the content in the still left and appropriate directions, and the pneumatic clamp will drive CZPT to clamp the plate (immediately discover the origin), and continue to wander to the shearing station of the shearing equipment.

Step 4: The plate shearing machine and the shearing plate feeder synchronously minimize the plate with set dimensions and higher precision

Step 5: The nc feeder returns to the starting up stage. The automated feeder has picked up and run the materials to the feeder for the second cycle feeding and chopping.

Step six: The electrical conveyor delivers the concluded product to the stacker for stacking

Phase seven: When the content reaches the restrict top, the product plate shall be taken out by the crane or forklift.

seven.Structure and characteristics

·Raw materials platform

The efficient supporting dimension of the materials platform is 2500*2500, and the efficient bearing ability is 10 tons
·Automatic feeding part
one.The automated feeder adopts the door lifting mechanism (the maximum plate bodyweight is about 300KG) to make sure the lifting stability.Portion of computerized feeder adopts pneumatic carry, vacuum pump and vacuum suction cup to get components, great stability, substantial value overall performance.
2.The energy part is pushed by servomotor, high precision rack and pinion transmission, linear square rail positioning, guaranteeing large load and large steadiness.

nc feeder element

The base bracket of weighty responsibility feeder is composed of welded composite body of tube plate, with smooth surface, clean and simple, and the bottom frame is altered freely by modifying bolt up and down, which is practical for versatile set up and has the benefits of very good balance.

The longitudinal relocating shaft is found by the exact linear square rail, and it is machined by the bearing steel fantastic grinding, quenched and tempered earlier mentioned sixty two degrees, which has the rewards of easy and wear-resistant, making sure the precision and substantial bearing ability.

The servo motor adopts the most recent ASIC chip as the main computing unit, and the motor push adopts the newest smart electricity module IPM.It has a collection of positive aspects, such as higher integration, little volume, quickly influence pace, best security operate and higher trustworthiness, which is most appropriate for the cooperation of the machine.
management section
    CPU control portion: the manage centre composed of ipc handle circuit, Lcd show, proximity change and other parts of the products is also the main part.It has the positive aspects of advanced construction and simple operation.

     The mechanical system of the feeding method is designed by a few-dimensional solid design computer software.The mechanical framework is versatile, mild and straightforward to control.According to the specifications of the feeding program to the control program, the open up basic motion handle architecture of Computer is adopted to construct an open up, moveable and extensible clever manage method.

   The equipment adopts the strategy of mechanical style, combining with electrical management method style, combining hardware design with computer software design, and combining theoretical study with simulation experiment,Soon after satisfactory final results are obtained, they shall be applied to practice.


Plate Shearing Front Feeder Plate Shear Line