Single Phase AC Motor 220V 25W Air conditioner Motor

Single Phase AC Motor 220V 25W Air conditioner Motor

one period ac motor 220v 25w  Air conditoner motor

Associated Names
air conditioning motorsupporter induction admirer motorenthusiast heat-pump water moveable air cooler motortoolsexternal rotor fan motor 

Item description
One-stage asynchronous motor is composed of stator, rotor, bearing, casing and stop cover.The stator of one-phase asynchronous motor is composed of frame and core with winding.

Primary items
one)Air Cooler Motor
2)Air Conditioner Motor 
3)AC Motor
4)Fan Motor
five)Enthusiast Coil Motor
6)Water Air Conditioner Motor

We are mostly engaged in production AC motors which are commonly utilised in home appliances, this kind of as admirer motor, air cooler motor, air conditioner motor, enthusiast coil motor, testing devices motor, centrifugal motor, air purifier motor , induction enthusiast motor, ventilator motor, duct enthusiast motor, dehumidifier motor, mobile air conditioner motor, family indoor and out of doors air conditioner motor and so on.

Item group

Design Voltage(v) Frequency(Hz) Output(w) Speed(rpm) Capacitor(μF) Insulation(Course)
YDK83-twenty-4 220/one hundred ten 50/60 twenty 1300 two B
YDK93-sixteen-four 220/110 fifty/60 16 1300 1.5 B
YDK93-twenty five-four 220/a hundred and ten fifty/sixty 25 1300 two.five B
YDK120-thirty-8 220/110 50/60 thirty 520 three B
YDK120-50-eight 220/a hundred and ten 50/sixty 50 520 4 B
YDK139-100-22 220/110 50/60 100 480 6 B
YDK95-twenty five-six 220/a hundred and ten fifty/60 twenty five 880 two.5 B
YDK95-35-6 220/one hundred ten fifty/60 35 880 three B
YDK95-forty five-6 220/110 50/sixty 45 880 three.5 B
YDK120-60-six 220/110 fifty/sixty sixty 850 four B
YDK139-a hundred and fifty-six 220/one hundred ten fifty/60 150 900 ten B
YDK139-250-six 220/one hundred ten fifty/60 250 900 10 B


Single Phase AC Motor 220V 25W Air conditioner Motor