Dairy Factory Dairy Production Air Conditioning HVAC Industrial Air Handler

Dairy Factory Dairy Production Air Conditioning HVAC Industrial Air Handler

1.CZPTstars air handling unit and air handler attributes
one) Body structure:
It really is aluminum alloy or metal framework, it has features as below:
A: Mechanical energy is excellent, mild fat, corrosion durable, and good visual appeal
B: Adaptable assembly, it truly is effortless to dismantle, assemble and preserve.
2) Panel construction:
A: The panel adopts exceptional colored metal or galvanized metal as exterior sheet, the insulation
content is substantial density polyurethane or polystyrene, which has much better insulation overall performance
than FRP and many others.
B: The panel repairing strategy is specific with sealing substance for improved air tightness and insulation, this panel has outstanding functionality in insulation, noise isolation and strength, it’s suited for spots with large common of air top quality.
three) Enthusiast motor and blower:
A: Adopts double inlet centrifugal fan, dynamic balance strictly examined.
B: Adopts enclosed ball bearing, with prefilled lubricant, upkeep totally free in standard application.
C: Adopts exterior rotary enthusiast motor for little measurement device.
4) Filter:
Washable Plate preliminary filter.
five) Cooling coil:
Adopts exceptional copper tube expanded with aluminum fin, it has large heat trade performance, lower air stream strain fall and corrosion resilient.

2.CZPTstars Air handler,air dealing with device, ahu software
CZPTstars air handlers commonly employed in stadium, exhibition facilities, airport, huge station, as effectively as in all sorts of factories, such as auto, electronics, textile, drugs, tobacco, alternator, and exact instrument. 

three.Air handler technological data, Assembly drawing diagram and photograph

Horizontal Air Managing Device(Return Air Issue-six Rows)
Model Air Flow   Total
Power Input Return Air
Cooling Potential Heating Capacity H2o Stream  Water Resistance Water inlet/outlet pipe Diameter
*1000CMH Pa kW kW L/min kPa DN
EST10HC6 10 350 two.2 78.7 a hundred and one.eight 225.6 33.three 50
EST12HC6 twelve 400 three ninety four.4 122.one 270.six 30.four sixty five
EST15HC6 15 four hundred four 119.3 154.4 342 38.two 65
EST18HC6 18 four hundred five.five 143.one 185 410.4 40.2 65
EST20HC6 20 four hundred 5.five 167.8 217.one 534 43.1 eighty
EST23HC6 23 400 5.5 192.3 241.9 552 33.three eighty
EST25HC6 25 four hundred 7.5 203.six 263.4 583.8 forty five.one eighty
EST28HC6 28 five hundred two*4 220.six 285.five 636 17.six 80
EST30HC6 thirty 500 two*five.five 239.seven 310.5 688.2 29.four two*65
EST35HC6 35 500 2*five.5 283.4 366.8 813 31.four 2*sixty five
EST40HC6 40 five hundred two*5.five 325.seven 421.four 934.eight 34.three 2*sixty five
EST45HC6 45 five hundred 2*7.five 372.2 481.seven 1068 31.four two*65
EST50HC6 fifty 600 2*11 419.9 543.four 1240.2 forty one.2 two*eighty
Be aware:
  one. Return air: Cooling: Air in 27ºC DB, 19.5ºC WB,Chilled drinking water in/out:7ºC /12ºC
  two. Return air: Heaing: Air in 15ºC DB,Sizzling water in: 60ºC.

4.CZPTstars air dealing with device , air handler range or collection
-Horizontal ceiling ducted air dealing with unit
-Horizontal hid air dealing with unit
-Vertical concealed air dealing with unit
-Vertical exposed air dealing with device
-Modular Modulus Air Managing Unit-multi-purpose air managing unit

five.Factors-air managing unit or air handler

Casing Panel and Insulation
• CZPT pores and skin construction is presented by sandwich variety panels comprising interior and outer painted metal skins and polyurethane foam with bare minimum 48kg/m3 density, supplying a good thermal and acoustical overall performance
• The gasket liner amongst the panels and frame assures the air leakage charge to comply with GB/T 14294 thoroughly clean air conditioning requirement
• The manufacturing unit painted steel sheet protected with 6 insulation coatings, complies to 500h salt spray screening, demonstrating an excellent corrosion defense efficiency

Fan and motor
•NICOTRA centrifugal Supporter or other manufacturer supporter
•CZPT inlet
•CZPT motor pushed
•Back curved or front curved
•low sound, large effectiveness, steady procedure, lower vibration, great toughness, reduced bearing temperature rise, and wide working temperature and humidity selection.
•CZPTized configuration of the motor chosen large-good quality manufacturer-title motor, smooth procedure, lower noise, extended provider life, and can be equipped with a specified manufacturer of motor or motor insulation, defense amount men and women in accordance to user needs, to fulfill the wants of diverse events.
•EC Admirer is optional
• plug admirer is optional

Vibration Eliminator
• To reduce the transmission of vibration and sounds, admirer and motor are set up on an independent complete foundation frame
• The full foundation frame is isolated by deflection kind spring isolators
• This distinctive structure not only reduce the vibration and sounds, but also shield supporter and motor throughout transportation

Cooling Coil
Cooling Coil is employed to awesome and dehumidify the air.The two DX (direct enlargement) cooling and CW (chilled drinking water) cooling coils are CZPT for use based on the technique style.

These coils are arranged in rows with distinct fin spacing.Aluminum fins and copper tubes are employed in the design of the coils.The corrosion resistance hydrophilic fins are also utilised because of to its decrease value and reduce resistance to the air velocity.

Filters are to eliminate particles and contaminants of various measurements from the air.The variety of air filter being utilised will really significantly rely on the software of the method.
Panel Filter is a flat and rectangular in form and offers a minimum low efficiency filtration which is satisfactory to the air conditioning market.The substantial velocity filter is organized vertically whereas the minimal velocity filter is arranged in V shape.Standard air velocity that moves via the filters is in the selection of two-3 m/s.

Stainless Steel Drain Pan
• Slop kind style, no drain h2o carryover and preserve the pan dry
• Avoid the micro-organisms development inside the drain pan
Antimicrobial Drain Pan is offered as choice
• SteriTouch technologies Drip Pan Coating
• Antimicrobial area
• Good exterior sturdiness and corrosion resistance
• Superb adhesion
• Non-poisonous, comply with BS476 part 7

CZPTal handle cabinet(optioanl)
•According to the demands and features of the unit to style the management console or cupboard
•Auto management each and every part of the device to make certain the temperature, humidity and cleaness
•High high quality and international model electrical aspects

6.Why pick us?
CZPTS Advantages: 
1) The Proof of Quality: Now we have customers in different countries and places, such as Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Argentina, Middle- East, Africa…
2) The Guarantee of Quality: Reasonable design, Professional technicians, Stable production workers, Full-scale
 Equipments, Strict QA & QC system…
three) CZPT-made Design: We supply our design drawing according to customer practical situation
4) Technique Support: 
 Walk in cold room: we supply our diagrammatic drawing, feel easier for installation.
 Cold storage warehouse: We have professional engineers who can go aboard to supply technology support and direction, until  turn key for our customers. 
five)CZPT Trade Operation: We have concentrated on international trade of cold storage room line for many years, accumulated various experience from different customers of different countries. So we can update our operation in time according to our customers and new rules. It is helpful to clear custom and save cost and time for our customers.

Q:What are the variances in between an air conditioner and an air handler?
Air handlers are an essential portion of your total HVAC program, but they are not the total air conditioning method.

An air handler is dependable for housing the equipment needed to shift air via your house or company.In most circumstances, it is located inside of and operates the two the heating and cooling programs.Air handlers search like a furnace, and are at times even mistaken for 1.Air handlers can be produced to operate with a heat pump or air conditioner.It includes the indoor coil, which dependent on the placing your method is operating on, is utilized for each heating and cooling.

Air conditioning units include the condenser and are usually held outside the house of your house or organization.Air conditioners actively pull heat out of the constructing via a variety of parts configured together, and then this hot air is redirected outside the house.Through the process, air moves by way of the method by way of return ducts and in excess of a refrigerant coil.Alternatively of introducing cold air to the area, which is what it feels like, the system is actually just pulling very hot air out and then recirculating the identical air (CZPT the heat) back into the constructing.

eight.CZPTer pay a visit to us

9.Air handling device,air handler supply or container loading

10.Set up instruction or set up photo, project images
—1. Throughout installation, sufficient place should be reserved all around the device, particularly apart the accessibility doorway and water pipe, for the fix equipment passing. 
—2. The unit should be mounted on flat base (concrete or welded C-channel).  Drainages are CZPT all around the foundation.
—3. Floor drain must be established in the device place for the discharge of condensing drinking water and washing h2o.
—four.Pay out consideration to condensing drinking water discharging to guarantee the condensing drinking water discharge effortlessly.
—five. The unit must be installed on a horizontal platform or hanger.  Soon after the device is set up, connect the types of pipes and ducts:
A. The chilled water pipe connection with cooling coil
B. The condensing h2o drain pipe link
C. Humidifier pipes connection
D. The relationship for the clean/return air inlet with its air ducts
E. The wiring relationship for the management box.
When connecting the air duct, a hundred-150mm versatile relationship (airtight canvas or synthetic leather-based fabric) must be set between flange and air inlet/outlet, to avoid the air leakage triggered by the unit vibration.

The control box usually is installed on the unit cupboard or in the machine room. Please make the wiring according to the related electrical regulation by your nation.

—6.After all drinking water pipe, wirings and air duct are properly related, the air dealing with device can be began.
[ !]The first time beginning should be instructed by an seasoned particular person at website, non-experienced particular person can’t operate the products CZPT allow.  The defect induced by misuse shall not be our obligation
[ !] Before very first time beginning, make sure you get rid of the temporary repairing plate from the enthusiast and motor
[ !] The electrical power and voltage supply have to be suitable with the device.  Soon after connecting the power to the motor, commence motor first, then verify the operating route of the admirer. If it is running in reverse course, make sure you quit and alter the phase sequence, then join the electricity to motor finally. If there is defense unit on the source admirer motor, the motor raring must be linked to ground.  The motor in this device use “reduced voltage commencing”.
—seven. Adjustment of the driving belt
—eight. Prior to moving the unit, please fasten the damping system.  Placing down need to be slowly and gradually to make confident that the damping device is compelled evenly to defend the damping system.  The link between damping gadget and the unit need to not be by welding


Dairy Factory Dairy Production Air Conditioning HVAC Industrial Air Handler