Desktop Screw Blowing Feeding Fastening Robot

Desktop Screw Blowing Feeding Fastening Robot


 Desktop Screw Blowing Feeding Single CZPT Twin Rail Robotic Fastening Machine 

 The robotic screw driving machine is designed for screw fastening with substantial precision instantly.


Product SC-6331
Feeder mode Blowing Kind
Dimension (L*W*H) (mm) 800*630*780mm
Driving method Shut-loop Motor+Synchronous belt
Control mode Microcontroller + Teach Pendant
Procedure Range (mm) X Axis X = 580mm
Y1/Y2 Axis Y1 = 280mm, Y2 = 280mm
Z Axis Z = 100mm
Optimum Velocity X/Y1/Y2 Axis 600mm/S
Z Axis 400mm/S
Recurring precision X/Y1/Y2 Axis ±0.02mm
Z Axis ±0.02mm
Teaching Technique Remote Teaching / Manual Knowledge Input
Memory 1000 information
Screwdriver brand KILEWS / Japan HIOS / SD
Max. Load 15KG
Alarm program Stripped alarm
Bodyweight(kg) 76 KG
Voltage AC 110V/220V,50Hz/60Hz
Power Source CZPTity + Pneumatic
Air pressure requirement .four to .8MPa as dry air
Functioning Temperature five-40C°
Working Humidity 20-90% RH

1. Automatic screw feeding.
two. Available for M1-M4 screw.
3. Twin stations to maximize performance.
4. Intelligent screwdriver to file torque for each and every screw (Optional).

The screws used should fulfill the demands:
  (one) The total size (H) of the screw need to be much more than one.2 times the diameter (D) of the screw head.
  (two) Be Suited for M1-M4 screw.
  (3) The total screw size(H)=2mm<=8mm.


one.  Why is Robotic Screw driving equipment?
  — To give greater in expression of high quality such as very same study out trace torque for each and every point of generation.
  — Higher efficiency by minimizing manpower at least a single to 3 person.

2  What are the feeding types for the Robotic Screw Driving System?
  — We employing the vibrator to kind the screw based on screw kind and measurement.
  — Firstly we employing the choose and spot of the screw presenter.
  — Another way is we using air blowing to feed directly to the screwdriver.

3. How to utilize the screw to the merchandise?
  — Mainly, we have two methods to screw the merchandise which is magnetic for ferrous screw and vacuum for all material such as ferrous, copper, stainless metal screw.

four. What sort of screws are in shape for the air blowing kind device?
  — Screw versions M1.4~ M4 are suit for air blowing feeding of screw driving equipment.
  — Screw size need to less than 16mm. If more than, the feeder demands to be CZPT.  
  — The screw’s size need to be more than 1.2 moments of diameter for air blowing feeding type to stop the screw from flip above inside the feeder’s tube.

five. What type of screws are in shape for the screw presenter type machine?
  — Screw versions M0.eight ~ M4 are in shape for Magnetic, vacuum feeding of screw driving equipment.
  — Machine screws, self-tapping screws, and many others.

6. When does the machine have several electric screwdrivers?
  — For higher effectiveness, we offer you dual screwdriver for simultaneously fastening for the solution in array situation.

7. What does an electric screwdriver the equipment use?
  — Currently, we are using the electric screwdriver from Kilews, Sudong, DEPRAG, DESOUTTER, MOUNTZTORQUE, HIOS, and Atlas.

8. What is the assortment of the tapped hole’s depth on the goods?
  — The selection is about 20mm, dependent on consumer merchandise and should be magnetic screw kind.

nine. What is the widespread difficulty throughout the fastening approach?
  — There are five typical issues could occur throughout the procedure these kinds of as misalignment entry, broken screw, destroyed thread, lacking element and floating screw.

10. What are the distinctions in between SC-2 and GW-4 ?
  — GW using gravity to transfer the screw to the nozzle and thrust to release the screw. The screwdriver nozzle contacted with the merchandise floor and it is likely to slightly hurt the area.
  — SC-2 using air blowing to transfer the screw to the nozzle and press button to release the screw.

11. How is twin rail operating?
  — Our machine has a twin rails system to allow loading on the next rail concurrently while the 1st rail is on the fastening method.

12. What is the objective of one rail method?
  — One rail system occupy modest workspace or larger product.

thirteen. Does the device arrive with a warranty?
  — The device arrives with one particular calendar year guarantee excluding consumable parts.

14. How about right after-sale service?
  — We supply distant movie and 24hours telephone or you might visit our organization. On-site support will be charged accordingly.

fifteen. What is the dimensions of the operating base?
  — Working base dimensions as mentioned for every equipment. Fixture dimension must be in thing to consider. However, the dimension of products can be CZPT according to buyers.

sixteen. Does the enclosure include?
  — You may pick a product with or CZPT an enclosure.

17. What are the safety functions of the device?
  — The emergency button is accessible for all equipment. The basic safety door is optional.

eighteen. Is the screw driving system appropriate with other robots?
  — Our screw driving system is compatible with the SCARA robot, six axles robot.

19. Can I be your distributor?
  — Yes, we are open to any business that would like to grow to be our distributor apart from in certain areas we already have our possess agent.

20. Do you offer a fixture for the device?
  — Yes, we also can design and style the fixtures primarily based on consumer merchandise. For example, a rolling fixture for several surfaces fastening.  

21. What is the delivery term?
  — Lead time is 20 enterprise times.

Desktop Screw Blowing Feeding Fastening Robot