Servo Motor Automatic Injection Molding Machine

Servo Motor Automatic Injection Molding Machine

Servo Electricity-Saving Injection Molding Device (KWS Sequence)

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» CZPT information for injection carriage could reduced the put on and tear, and make the injection manage specific and secure. (Optional)
» T slot mould platen
» Implement worldwide famous model electric powered & hydraulic elements.
» The injection foundation is modularized and could choose diverse matching kind in accordance with injection volume.
» Clean the mold opening pace curve style, and incorporate the velocity command to decrease the machine vibration.
» It has outstanding precision control with the excess weight mistake of completed product is about .seven% to .four%.
» Adopted servo power-conserving program which could lessen the vitality consumption forty%- 70%.

» CZPT (optional), mechanical and electric triple inter-locked basic safety unit, mould close is not understood when open any one of the protection door.
» Minimal pressure mould protection system, protect mould from damage owing to any foreign objects.
» Use hydraulic ejector pin to alter traverse, eject CZPT and backward pressure & pace, multi motion CZPT.
» Use higher precise linear transducer to inspect position, multi-zone manage mould opening stroke velocity and position, correctly positioned.
» Bolster shifting platen use resistance guidebook way.
» Centralized lubrication method promise uniform oil offer for every lubrication dots.

» Injection unit applies double manual publish help, equip with fast and strong twin-cylinder balancing injection construction.
» Optimized style screw established, obtain outstanding plasticizing impact.
» Making use of higher quality nitride alloy or chrome coated screw and nitride barrel.

» TFT Lcd color display
» Employing higher velocity DSP processor, time handle precision reaches
» Higher exact displacement transducer technique, handle precision
» Employing fuzzy prediction technology, temperature control precision
» Multi input/ output interface, the interface function can be setting as demand from customers.
» With output programmable function
» Assistance USB and network interface (optional)
» Parameter info lock safety, with automobile help save function in situation incident power off
» Large info storage ability

Servo motor control:
» Superb vitality preserving as when compared with the standard set pump injection molding equipment, it will save energy 20%-80% underneath the very same doing work condition.
» Superb injection molding steadiness
» Quickly response
» Minimal sounds and quiet procedure
» Continual oil temperature

CZPT parameter:

CZPT parameter
Merchandise  Unit      Model KW338
Injection unit
Screw type / A B C
Screw diameter mm 65 70 seventy five
Shot quantity(theoritical) cm3 1161 1347 1546
Injection weight (PS) g 1045 1210 1391
Injection fee g/s 325 368 390
Injection force Mpa 182 157 137
Screw rotation speed  r.p.m 180
Clamping device
Clamping force KN 3380
Open up stroke mm 660
CZPT among tie bars(W*H) mm 660*660
Max. mould height mm 680
Min. mould peak mm 250
Ejector stroke mm a hundred and sixty
Ejector pressure KN sixty two
Other folks
Max. Pump stress Mpa fourteen
Pump motor power KW 37
Heating power KW twenty.4
Equipment dimension(L*W*H) m 7.two*one.eighty five*2.three
Device weight  t twelve.5

The devices relevant industries contain common houseware, digital items, auto elements, packaging, toys and building parts etc.


Servo Motor Automatic Injection Molding Machine